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< I make kids ones sometimes. 


The wind has been a favorite element since I was young. I find even strong winds that are a little frightening ultimately comforting. I love to think about the spin of Earth and Sun and All. I love to watch these Pinwheels spin on both horizontal and vertical axes in constant motion, quietly dancing with the wind. I love their nod to childhood where we would put the toy pinwheels on our bikes and be happy every time they spun. They are magic to me and I am excited to have realized my dream of making Large Kinetic Pinwheels. Here are both Permanent and Temporary Kinetic Sculpture. They are hand crafted and therefore available in any color or pattern and in three sizes (3ft, 4ft and 5ft). For the Yellow, (2) Green and Blue Pinwheels, I enlisted the help of a fabricator. Together we made the wheels and worked out some of the engineering. I appreciated his help in the early stage of this project. The Hub from these early Pinwheels had some issues and were ultimately unsuccessful. For the rest, I am the sole fabricator and engineer and have continued to develop better solutions for functionality in high winds, serviceability and painting techniques that allow me to create patterns and finishes that last in all weather. The hubs that I redesigned have had 2 years solid testing and have been flawless in every weather condition. 

  • These 3 Red, White and Black Pinwheels were a Temporary Installation on Governor's Island New York. They were secured above ground which is why you see a "wiggle" in the pole. Permanently installed Pinwheels are planted with Stainless Steele Poles and Concrete and there is no movement in the Pole. Straight as an arrow. Even these ones which were a tempory installation withstood windgusts of 50MPH. The Pinwheels have been tested for 3 years. The original hub had some issues which I fixed 2 years ago and the new hub system has been functioning flawlessly for 2 years through storms with high winds (60+MPH), snow and sleet (with no effect on the finish).

The Pinwheels are perfectly quiet.