Solo exhibition. Spring 2017. La Galleria. 47 Great Jones Street. NY NY 10012

"I Want to Go Home, Are You My Mother?"

From my earliest days I was not buying the “Big Bang”. It just never sat well with
me. When I came to be aware of Quantum Physics and the crossover with Metaphysics I was very interested. These inquiries lead me to “The Simulation Hypothesis” and “The Holographic Principal”. These ideas resonated with and excited me. They are the basis of this show and are some of the ideas that make living in this world tolerable for me. I need the magic, and to me this is it. Underlined means there are representations in this show.

The CubeOctahedron . AKA The Vector Equlibrium. Discovered by Buckminster Fuller in 1917. My favorite of the Geometric Shapes. Here are his own words which perfectly describe why I love it and why the show (my show here) is titled thusly.

“ The vector equilibrium is the zero point for happenings or nonhappenings: it is
the empty theater and empty circus and empty universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience.”

“ The vector equilibrium is the true zero reference of the energetic mathematics. Zero pulsation in the vector equilibrium is the nearest approach we will ever know to eternity and god: the zero phase of conceptual integrity inherent in the positive and negative asymmetries that propagate the differentials of consciousness.”

Double Slit Experiment : In my layman’s words, though I encourage you to look into it if you are not familiar. It is an experiment, proven, not disputed, wherin it is clear
that supposed “matter” (particles) act as “matter” when observed and “waves” when left alone. Meaning, the act of observation alters the behavior of a thing.. Atoms etc.. One of the arguments for Simulation.

Non Locality/Entanglement : What Einstein sarcastically called “Spooky Action at
a Distance”, though later this fundamental act of nature became a proven reality.
2 particles formed in the same environment (again, this is me, please research)
can become entangled, and when they do, they react simultaneously (instantly, faster than the speed of light) to stimuli of one, no matter how far apart they are in “physical reality”. Another argument for Simulation.

Please sit in the back, play a tape, play some solitaire, watch a video compilation of many youtube videos I enjoy of strange phenomena, unexplained history, pyramid shenanigans, crop circles..... I love it all. Thanks. Nora Breen. 

Double Slit Experiment

Above...... Double Slit Experiment. Particle Pattern/Wave Pattern